Technology has become an integral part of our lives. It has changed everything, even our childhoods. 20 years ago, children used to play games outdoors, cycle, play football, or build forts. Now, the younger generation rides scooters, spins spinners, and watches TV. Children spend most of their time online and are completely addicted to their high-tech toys.

The Founder of Association Noosphere, Max Polyakov (Maxim Polyakov), believes that the technological revolution has only started. That’s why one of the main goals for society should be promoting engineering among children. One of the most useful educational forms can be a robot festival. Robot festivals like BestRoboFest, founded by Max Polyakov, are designed to show children new technologies and to lay the foundations for human-computer-robot interactions right now, in order to create robots that will be useful to humanity in the future.

What Exactly is BestRoboFest Founded by Max Polyakov?

BestRoboFest is an all-Ukrainian festival for the whole family, founded by Association Noosphere and philanthropist Maxim Polyakov. The first BestRoboFest was held in 2016 in Dnipro and since that time, it has become one of the most anticipated events of the summer.

BestRoboFest statistics year to year

BestRoboFest is a social project aimed to discover the racing capacity of Ukrainian innovators. Founder of Association Noosphere, Max Polyakov, highlighted that Ukraine is a world leader in engineering. He believes that Ukrainians have great potential in a lot of spheres like wearable devices, the Internet of Things, and rocket production. Innovations from all these fields are usually presented at the BestRoboFest expo-zone.

Moreover, BestRoboFest, initiated by Max Polyakov, is a family-friendly festival with a lot of free activities for children and adults like Arduino, Scratch, and 3D printing workshops for beginners. Also, the festival guests are able to handcraft rocket models or even a robot. Everyone is able to find an activity they like and discover their engineering potential.

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History of the Festival, Founded by Maxim Polyakov

Arranging a huge festival in robotics like BestRoboFest is not an easy task. Nevertheless, the organizers, led by Max Polyakov, decided to launch it in 2016. They got warm support from everyone fond of robots and engineering. BestRoboFest 2016 attracted 34 enthusiasts of robot builders from 6 to 60 years old. It became a completely new type of family-friendly event. It was the first time a family festival had been dedicated to robotics and innovations.

BestRoboFest, launched by Max Polyakov, united activities of different kinds like exciting robotic battles, outdoor games, lectures run by leaders of robotics and engineering fields, and a lot more. Everyone was able to choose whatever they liked. Some of the participants got the opportunity to fly drones or watch breathtaking FPV-flights, while others were able to watch unbelievable battles of home built robots and the expo zone full of robotic innovations and engineering startups designed by children from all over Ukraine. At the expo zone of BestRoboFest, launched by Maxim Polyakov, allowed everyone to see:

  • a robo-painter
  • robo-mime
  • robo-gardener, and a lot more.

The festival guests were welcomed to construct simple model rockets, or taste some delicious goodies at the food court. All the festival activities along with the willingness of its participants to have fun and learn more about modern technology made a marvelous atmosphere at the event.

The aim of BestRoboFest, arranged by Association Noosphere and Max Polyakov, is to popularise scientific and technical achievements and show festival guests the main Ukrainian and foreign technologies in the field of robotics and engineering.

Thus, event participants were able to see:

  • an ecological tech box
  • a printer for painting eggs
  • an application for calling the police
  • a military startup that reduces the time it takes to identify a target and fire.

The most promising ideas were awarded with 15 000, 10 000 and, 5 000 UAH grants.

Visitor feedback showed that the most exciting part for adult engineers was the lecture course, organized within the framework of BestRoboFest, set up by Max Polyakov. Successful tech enthusiasts from all over Ukraine shared their experience on startup launching, running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and making money with your brain.

Festival visitors were able to hear the lectures run by:

  • CEO & Founder of ARTKB Alex Nesterenko
  • iBlazr, Technovator XE co-founder, Ivan Chuba
  • lead designer of Branto, Alena Fedorova
  • Nasa Space Apps Challenge finalist, Evgeny Shcherbina.

In addition, one of the biggest tech enthusiasts of Azerbaijan, Rashid Aliyev, also visited BestRoboFest to present his promising startup for blind and visually impaired people, BraillePad. Founder of BestRoboFest, Maxim Polyakov, believes that these great speakers are able to inspire all festival guests and young tech enthusiasts to innovate and discover.

The festival, arranged by Association Noosphere, each year gathers more and more people who are enthusiastic about robotics and engineering from all over Ukraine. Thus, the number of festival visitors grew by over 7000 in one year, from 3000 to 10 000 attendants. Moreover, BestRoboFest 2017 moved to a bigger venue and launched two new zones - the MonsterCars zone and the Art-zone - which gave festival guests an opportunity to visit and release their creativity. According to the visitor feedback, these two zones were certainly the crowd pleasers.

As usual, Max Polyakov’s initiative, BestRoboFest 2017, united spectacular "battles" of robots, an exhibition of technology-novelties and workshops from the leading robotic studios in Ukraine, a show of monster vehicles, MonsterCarsUA 2017, a battle of street food teams and an eating сontest. The festival also included a children's playground, and awesome photo zones.

There are not many events aimed at encouraging engineering skills and gaining experience in robotics in Ukraine. BestRoboFest, initiated by Max Polyakov, is one of the biggest venues where children, or even adults, are able to build new skills, compete with other robot builders, and exchange their knowledge. The most important qualities for every engineer is being creative as well as staying on top of innovations in engineering. BestRoboFest provides its guests with the opportunity to improve their engineering skills, communicate, and learn about new developments in the industry.

More Advantages of BestRoboFest

In addition, BestRoboFest is a part of the engineering ecosystem, built by Maxim Polyakov and Association Noosphere. The ecosystem also includes the Noosphere Engineering School, where engineering enthusiasts develop their skills, and can even launch their own projects.

Nowadays, engineers are the ones who are responsible for some of the greatest technologies and inventions that change the world. Everything from space vehicles to air conditioners require engineering skills and hard work. This is why engineering-oriented events aimed at growing a new generation of these professionals are so important.

Moreover, Max Polyakov’s initiative, BestRoboFest, has become a part of the world-spanning Maker Movement, which unites a huge number of events all over the world. The movement was born in 2006 and has never changed its core principles - to inspire, innovate, and educate. Maker initiatives provide their participants with a great chance to present their innovative and challenging projects in engineering, technology, and science and to gain new skills. It’s worth mentioning that BestRoboFest, founded by Maxim Polyakov, became the first event of this kind in Ukraine. The festival gathers motivated and curious people who want to present their projects, get feedback and keep furthering their developments. BestRoboFest entry is free, so everyone is able to come. The organizers of the Dnipro-based festival, BestRoboFest, believe that event participants can boost the industry in Ukraine.

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Max Polyakov: Initiator of BestRoboFest

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